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For the past centuries men have been short changed to talk about their grooming and any other issue relating to their outlook and physical appearance. Primarily men are the masculine and rougher of the sexes and in recent years the idea of them being watchful of their looks was a forbidden area.
However current attitudinal changes have seen a shift in the same and thus the influx of cosmetic care for men. This new trend brought various players into the field that try to solve the puzzle of male skin care and sundry. The intrusion of players into the male cosmetic domain also meant that there would be unscrupulous dealers only interested in making money but not in the health of their potential customers.
This is why there is suspicion concerning the male grooming industry and the past few years this has remained a grey area that few dare to penetrate through.
With this background it is clear to understand why Dead Sea Cosmetics took the bold step to harrow through the hard task of ground break in this field. After carrying out extensive and incisive research the company came up with the data required to make a milestone in this arena. True to the vision and objectives the aforementioned research, the company managed to unearth the nuggets necessary to make a change in the domain of male skin care.



After assembling a rich conglomeration of vitamins, Dead Sea Minerals and other plant extracts with herbal properties the production department came up with a variety of products to suit the male bathroom! These are not only ointments, creams and gels per se but the solution to the male epidermis.
There are best practises to be adhered to for great satisfactory results for the male skin. They were engineered and brought to life by the product development team at Dead Sea Mineral cosmetics and a number of products to be used towards the attainment of the same.
Baldwin nourishing cream
It’s a nutritive cream with soluble oils that smoothes the skin as well as moisturizing it for a youthful look. Moisture helps to rehydrate the skin providing the environment that bacteria cannot survive in and ensuring that the skin remains flexible enough not to break.
It also provides a glowing touch to the hard male skin removing acnes and eczema conditions that limit the health of ones epidermis.
Baldwin moisturizing lotion
It’s to be used for the face only. It makes the skin flexible and adaptable to abrupt changes in the environment such as weather conditions and/or change of climate. Moreover it buffers the skin against swift changes that may occur due to extreme weather conditions that alter the warmth and other factors of the environment.
Baldwin shampoo
Used for the hair and around the fore head region. Recommended for use during baths but can also be used just for hair cleaning alone. It removes dandruff and brings back the natural hair colour and encourages the natural texture of the hair to be seen.
Baldwin shower gel
It gives a fresh feel and scent after using it for a bath and leaves one with a stimulated skin free from germs and dirt.

Benefits of best face moisturizing lotion for men

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