6 Mistakes that keep you lonely man

Loneliness is something very odd and when you spot a man going through it, what often comes to mind is sickness, stress or someone just want to be left alone to ponder over their lives. However, no normal being wants to stay alone because there is always health in keeping good company. Friends who make you laugh and smile all day are worth maximum appreciation. When you choose to keep alone for wrong reasons such as having been hurt by someone you love, stress will be the most likely consequence and there is no doubt stressed people often tread the path of a short lifespan. Loneliness by all measures is undesirable and while there is that person who choose to be an alone most of the day, the danger far much outweighs the benefits. In instances of meditation, loneliness can be healthy because it is for a reflection on self and goals someone aims at achieving in life. Most people who keep to themselves are likely to suffer from mental depression and this is something no one in his or her right mind would want to bring upon their lives. Well, there are certainly mistakes people make and as such, they find themselves lone rangers not by choice. You could be trying so hard to play and mingle with others but your effort often bring forth loneliness. When this becomes the unusual case, many things tend to engross one’s mind with lots of questions abounded. What are you doing wrong that keeps people away from you? Why do people find it so hard to hang out with you?
Sometimes simple things which anyone can easily take care of like body grooming if poorly done can be a big turn off. On such premises, you have got to think of body hygiene, tidiness and confidence. In fact, being shy can be a major cause for loneliness because people tend to see you are someone with low self esteem hence low impact in conversation situations. In this post, we take a look at some mistakes which could be keeping you lonely as a man for this while.

Bad grooming is a turn off
Simple things like being poorly groomed can always keep people away from you. For example, a man who wears poorly ironed clothes is likely to witness lots of lonely moments. Mind how you dress at all times.
Bad breath is total turn off
Other things which can keep a man lonely every day is a smelly mouth. This is often caused by negligence of your own body hygiene such as failure to brush your teeth every morning and after every meal.

Untidy shoes
A man in his right senses cannot wear shoes which are dusty in the midst of men whose shoes are properly brushed and in good condition.
Unkempt hair is truly a cause for loneliness
If you choose to keep dreadlocks, ensure they are always clean and if not, always have your hair well cut and trimmed. This makes you likeable and many would want to socialize with you.

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