I want to be famous person, what should I do?

While popularity and fame go hand in hand and even often used interchangeably, the two terms are actually different and of opposite natures in any circumstance and thinking. While popularity denotes something to do with public following on matters relating to ideologies, economic policies, political views and spiritual standing, fame comes with class, style, social status and money. In fact, you don’t need to have money to be popular once you have a great following from the public. On the contrary, money and fame usually goes together. On this premise, does it therefore means that the only way to being famous is through money? While a lot of famous people in this age will often attribute their fame to wealth and consequently influence in social world, there are definitely other means to being someone emulated and followed by many. The question is how can you walk the path to fame without necessarily having lots of money to buy allegiance from people through throwing parties in high-ended clubs and dropping the hottest music videos or albums of all time? Well, being famous is simple and through so obvious but not often noticed ways. In fact, it is the simplest things men often ignore that can shoot them to fame overnight. Examples of people who ascribe to the term famous are those who grace the showbiz industry. From top echelons of Hollywood movie celebrities, hip hop stars, wrestling champions, football stars, tech gurus to fashion icons, the means to fame is a short path elongated by mindsets of people unwilling to give it a try.

To this end, one of you quest to fame should see you asking the big question of what you should do and perhaps how long it would take you before you can shoot to a world of fame and more fame. Well, there are plenty of tips out there to get you started on this but in this post; we take a look at some of the best ways of becoming famous in just but a few days.
Great communication will always be a man’s women to stardom
Well, not every man out there is endowed with a deep sexy voice; however, there is always a way to display a good mastery of the art of communication and it is how you conduct yourself in communication situations. In the years gone by, there are men whose ability to speak with confidence and persuasively about issues affecting the general public shot them to instant fame. You too can do it. You don’t have to start big but bit by bit. It is all about sharing great ideals with people.
Be your own man
A lot of times, people who seek fame try to copy others and end up getting everything wrong. Well, sticking to who you are and showing to people it is valuable being oneself can always earn your instant fame.

Branding yourself to fame
This is a case of using specific grooming products and clothing made by a specific designer. It pays to be a brand ambassador of a product.

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