Baldwin – Range of Grooming Products for Men

Baldwin – It’s a Guy Thing

The Baldwin Grooming Products were born as a result of the joint vision of three men, who had reached the conclusion that they too deserved the benefits of boutique skin nourishment products that were similar in quality to those prestigious products used by their spouses.

And now, after three years of pioneering chemical and dermatological research and development, both you and your male customers can enjoy premium skin nourishment products for sensitive masculine skin at a reasonable price:

The Range of Grooming Products for Men, from Baldwin!

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Baldwin – for Men Who Don’t Compromise

The Baldwin Range constitutes the next generation of men’s grooming products. No compromises were made in the selection of ingredients, raw materials and products containing the finest vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs. And the result: a high quality range of grooming products for men, which nourish sensitive skin with moisture, relaxing it, and restoring its vitality, while imparting a silky touch and manly fragrance; sexy, enticing and prestigious – just as men want it to be!

Baldwin – Without Parabens

In the Baldwin Range of Grooming Products you can find shower gel, shampoo, moisturizing cream and facial nourishment cream, all perfectly formulated to respond to the unique needs of masculine skin. None of the products in this range contains parabens, and they are completely safe and healthy for use.

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