Shampoo for Men

Baldwin the premium Shampoo for Men was specially formulated for the masculine scalp and hair. With Baldwin Shampoo for Men your customers will benefit from hair that looks young and invigorated, with a long lasting, sexy and masculine fragrance.

Baldwin Shampoo for Men Does Not Contain Parabens or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

Soapless detergents are manufactured from petroleum derived petrochemical products.

SLS is suspected of being a cause of skin diseases such as dermatitis, skin asthma and skin irritations.

The Scientific Composition

Baldwin Shampoo for Men with its luxurious and unique scientific composition contains glycerin and various types of oils that nourish all types of hair and act in harmony to relax the scalp, while balancing the pH levels:


Glycerin enriches the scalp and is known to prevent dryness that causes irritation and redness, while protecting it from pollutants and disease causing organisms.

Dead Sea Salt

Salt originating in the Dead Sea possesses numerous medicinal attributes. This salt contains 26 diverse minerals known for helping sooth the scalp, for treatment of dandruff and various skin infections.

African Shea Oil

This anti-ageing oil contributes to renewal of skin cells, is rich in vitamins, hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Shea Oil contributes to rehabilitating the appearance of the hair and scalp, without blocking up the pores.

Argan Oil

A rare oil, produced from nuts grown only in Morocco, which nourishes the hair and the scalp with moisture.

Jojoba Oil

The oil produced from the Jojoba plant is one of the most nutritious oils. Jojoba Oil is rich in vitamins and its molecular structure is similar to the oil produced naturally by the scalp. The Jojoba Oil possesses antibacterial qualities that sooth the scalp and can even help repair damaged hair. By penetrating into the follicles of the hairs, it strengthens the hairs from within and imparts luster, flexibility, softness and bulk to the hair.